Impossible Piano Chords Made Easy!

CutlerKeys ThumbDrop Keyboard literally make the impossible possible. Solid 10ths for ANY hand size! Unprecedented solid 11ths and 12ths for most!

ThumbDrop Keyboard Design

Not just our trademarked product name, Thumbdrop is also a broad category descriptor for a brand new type of musical keyboard — one that’s played exclusively by the thumb dropping down onto a new keyboard level.

Supercharging Existing Pianos

The CutlerKeys Thumbdrop Keyboard is an inexpensive and easy switchout upgrade for existing acoustic pianos that dramatically increases hand span for all players up to 3 white notes.

The Beauty of the Solid 10th

The solid 10th is highly coveted for left hand harmony in a wide range of American roots styles like jazz, blues, gospel and more. It possesses all the power of the octave but includes the 3rd, the colour tone of the triad for a big, open and distinctive sound. And broken 10ths just aren’t the same.

Unprecedented 11ths and 12ths!

Most players will go beyond 10ths to play solid 11ths and 12ths! This opens up exciting new harmonic possibilities hardly explored by even the best large-handed pianists. How about a solid 10th followed by a solid 11th to create a descending bass line.

A brand new way to play rock ‘n’ roll piano!

The standard left hand boogie pattern using scale degrees 5, 6 and 7 is opened up and transformed with solid 10ths, 11ths and 12ths — while also creating a beautiful pattern of parallel 6ths.

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Unprecedented Voice Leading

Theory geeks take note: while the 10th allows the open voicing of root and 1st inversion triads, the solid 11th allows the open voicing of the 2nd inversion! This frees up brand new options for continuous and smooth voice leading with open-voiced left hand chords.


A Liberation for Female Jazz Piano

Female jazz pianists are no longer disadvantaged because of hand size. Now they can explore the big left hand harmonies of jazz legends like Art Tatum and Fats Waller – even going beyond these giants in many ways.

Children Play Octaves AND Solid 10ths

Often, talented young students of piano must wait several years just to play solid octaves. Now, they will play easy octaves AND solid 10ths, in many cases.

Shallow Learning Curve

Most accomplished players will begin integrating the new chords almost immediately and achieve a basic fluency within two or three weeks. Its relatively easy because the four fingers of the hand remain on the original keyboard just as normal while new pitch choices for the left hand thumb only are blended into otherwise familiar chords.

Host Keyboard Touch Remains Unaffected

The ThumbDrop Keyboard is countered-balanced so the host keyboard retains its natural weight and feel. Even when installed you can play right over the Thumbdrop keys as if they weren’t even there. Later, the keyboard deinstalls without leaving a trace.

Highly Affordable

At the entry level or even with the full console enclosure, The CutlerKeys ThumbDrop Keyboard costs only a handful of piano lessons yet makes possible things that a million piano lessons never could.

Easy Set-Up by User

Guided by our detailed instructional videos, anyone with rudimentary handiness can make the basic set-up themselves. After that, the ThumbDrop Keyboard easily switches in or out in under two minutes either way.

Segmented Keyslip

The ThumbDrop Keyboard comes with an optional 3-piece segmented keyslip.

Simply remove your piano’s original keyslip and replace it with the segmented keyslip. Then remove the middle segment for a quick and easy installation.

Front Panel Enclosure

Although not required, the front panel enclosure adds both protection and stability. Combine with the segmented keyslip for a full finished effect.

Storage Box Included

When not is use, the ThumbDrop Keyboard stores in the handy storage box that comes included.

Black Key Ready

The opening round CutlerKeys ThumbDrop Keyboard will be white keys only. We‘ve already proven we can make the black keys work but there are special technical challenges with black keys that must await the next round of crowdfunding. Not to worry, you won’t need to purchase a new set of ThumbDrop keys to upgrade. They already possess the ingenious wave pattern design that makes them black key ready!

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revolution a reality!

Our crowdsourcing will start soon. Be first in line, sign up now for advance notice on the best promo offers.

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