A: It’s not instantaneous but not overwhelming either. You’re really just adding new choices to the way you already play, and then only for the left hand thumb. An accomplished pianist should be able integrate the Thumbdrop up to a basic fluency in 2 or 3 weeks. For students, expect a little longer. But the extra keyboard does add at new level of complexity to the visual and tactile field of the performer. Now there’s not one but two completely separate strike locations for the certain notes. It takes a little time and practice to get accustomed to feel of where the new pitch locations fall. And then there’s the challenge of integrating new musical content. But it’s nothing like a Janko keyboard, for example, where you have to relearn your entire vocabulary of chords and scales.

CulterKey Laterals

  Thumbdrop Keyboard . . . The same only different.

Janko Keyboard


We’re also putting out a booklet of piano music arranged for 10ths to help get things started. Its called 10th Avenue. It contains short arrangements of America the Beautiful, Amazing Grace, some original stride. Plus, there will be some exercises and tips for learning to use the Thumbdrop Keyboard. Also, look for some tutorial videos posted on our website.

America the Beautiful

America the Beautiful arranged with solid 10ths and 11ths!

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